SmartStart™ New Intelligent
4G LTE Router & Gateway

Low cost SmartStart™ LTE Cat.1 and Cat.4 cellular routers and gateways connect Ethernet, RS-232 and I/O devices to a cellular network.

The SmartStart LTE family of cellular routers and gateways are a perfect way to connect RS-232 and Ethernet devices to a cellular network. Industrial M2M and IoT  applications include RS-232 traffic controllers, meters, UPS systems, PLCS along with Ethernet lottery machines, ATM stations, gaming terminals and much more.


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SmartStart™ Product Features

  • For industrial IoT and consumer focused high speed data applications
  • Ethernet, serial RS-232 and I/O for connecting a wide array of field assets with DIN rail or wall mounting
  • Low power consumption for solar and battery power applications
  • Exceptionally resilient wireless and wired connection
  • Enhanced memory to host custom software applications and a wide variety of protocols
  • Easy deployment, mass maintenance and troubleshooting with our SmartWorx HUB™ remote management and monitoring tools
  • Loaded with advanced features to secure your data

SmartStart™ Benefits



Powerful enough to handle the full range of LTE communications capabilities, including video streams.  The internal memory provides ample storage for custom scripts, software applications and a wide variety of protocols.


Built-in Digital I/O Connectivity

In addition to its Ethernet and RS-232 ports, SmartStart has built-in digital I/O connectivity. Competing routers in the same price range generally provide only Ethernet or RS-232. StartSmart provides all three.


Assists with LTE Technology Migration

SmartStart is an excellent fit for applications that are migrating to LTE technology. SmartStart provides fallback to 3G/2G technologies to ensure that connectivity is reliable in areas where LTE is still under development


Best-in-class Power Consumption

SmartStart provides best-in-class power consumption combined with LTE performance, and is optimized for solar and battery powered applications. Low Power Mode extends battery life by dropping power consumption to 40 mW.

SmartStart™ Applications


SmartStart™ Features

Network and Routing:
DHCP Server, NAT/PAT, VRRP, Dynamic DNS client, DNS proxy, VLAN, QoS, DMVPN, NTP Client/ Server, IGMP, BGP, OSPF, RIP, SMTP, SMTPS, SNMP v1/ v2c/ v3, Backup Routers, PPP, PPPoE, SSL, Port Forwarding, Host Port Routing, Ethernet Bridging

HTTPS, SSH, VPN tunnels, SFTP, DMZ Firewall (IP Filtering, MAC address filtering, Inbound and outbound Port filtering)

VPN Tunnelling:
Open VPN client and server and P2P, L2TP, PPTP, GRE, EasyVPN IPSec with IKEv1 and IKEv2

Web server, SSH, Four configuration switchable profiles, Automatic configuration update from server Backup configuration, Restore configuration

Firmware Management:
Automatic firmware update from server, Locally via LAN or remotely OTA (HTTP, HTTPS), Over-the-Air software updates, Over-the-Air cellular module update from FW

One CLICK report - current configuration / factory identification / system log / kernel log / reboot log / routing table, Remote diagnostics possible via SSH

Network Status, DHCP Status, IPSec Status, Statistics history for last 60days

System Log, Reboot Log, Kernel Log

Controlling and Diagnostic:
SMS, SNMP v1/v2c/v3, Statuses

Event Engine:
StartUp script & Up/Down script (Bash, Python), Digital Input, Network Parameters, Data Usage, Timer, Power, Device Temperature. Report Types: RAP, SMS, Email, SNMP Trap, TCP (csv, xml, binary)

Support and Warranty:
3 years warranty, Free device software upgrades, Optional warranty extension

Support of IPv6

SmartStart™ Ports, LED, Antennas

RJ45, 10/100 Mbps, 1.5kV RMS

1/2 Mini SIMs (2FF)

LED Indicators:

2x ANT:
SMA connectors

WiFi antenna - *optional:
R-SMA connector

DB9 Female

Integrated in 4 way Molex mini connector
Configurable I/O pin on power connector
1x Digital Input : 0 to 36 VDC, logic 0: 0 to 0,7 V, logic 1: 1,6 V to 36 V
1x Digital Open Collector Output > sinking 200 mA/ 36 V DC


SmartStart™ Cellular Routers

Low cost SmartStart LTE Cat.1 and Cat.4 cellular routers and gateways connect Ethernet, RS-232 and I/O devices to a cellular network. Typical applications include remote installations like kisoks, point of sales equipment and lottery terminals.